Earth Wind Fire Water

Bucket loads of Elemental bread

My friend Warwick had often told me the story of how when he was a young baker he would add different things to bread to improve it as was the norm back in those days however he told me that it was an old traditional baker that told him that you really didn’t need any additives to make bread. You simply needed flour, water, yeast (In this case a mother. See even though I’m a teacher / boilermaker I can pick up the terminology) a little salt and heat.

Bread label from when I was in the USA not very Elemental

From here Warwick came up with the idea of Elemental Breads. Breads made as simply as possible in a traditional way to exacting standards. All of his breads carry this philosophy and you can see in them the time and care taken to achieve fantastic results.

You see all of the ingredients for bread come from the earth and the wind carried to Warwick the original yeast for the starter and the other element needed is pure water.

My side of the equation is the fire. After many designs it finally hit me that I needed to take on board the same philosophy as the old baker and that of Warwick. The ovens had to be as simple as possible, able to be repaired easily by anyone with basic tools and work as stated.

I want to design and build ovens that reflect the quality and durability that is absent in many of todays products. I dont like the idea of products that break down easily and fail in their job. I try as much as possible to live by this but still at times make mistakes and then work to rectify any problems.

Warwick and I spend many hours working on oven designs for customers and the principle of our Elemental philosophy is constantly at the forefront of what we are trying to achieve.