Artisan 1500 Baker’s Oven

The Artisan Series of fully professional wood fired Baker’s ovens come in a range of configurations and sizes, depending on your individual requirements.

These ovens are the fruit of over five years of intensive research and development, and we believe them to be a viable and low-cost means of ongoing bread and pastry production for an artisan style bakery, cafe or restaurant.

Unlike other wood fired ovens, all our ovens are capable of baking bread, pastries, meats, vegetables or pizzas. They have a wide range of operating temperatures, and they can be run continuously, without needing to ‘bake on the fall’ as with most woodfired ovens.

The Artisan Series are designed for commercial use from the ground up – they are fast, precise and strong. They are suited for continuous volume baking, as required in a busy cafe, bakery or restaurant.

Driven by fire

The firebox in the Artisan Series of ovens is unique. Our aim has been to achieve a super efficient continuous burn which is also very clean.

We have achieved this aim with a design we believe is the first of its kind in the world, one which was inspired by ‘rocket’ ovens. While the principle of the ‘rocket’ firebox design is good, we found it to be unworkable for a commercial bakery oven, in that rocket fires need constant fuelling. We have created what we call a ‘high flow’ furnace system instead. Our designs stretch flames to extremely high temperatures, while diffusing them to heat the baking chambers evenly.

The firebox in all our ovens is separate to the baking chambers, meaning that wood selection is not as critical as it is normally with a woodfired oven. Indeed, the ovens can burn very well using virtually any combustible material.

The ovens can also process their own fuel from food scraps or waste bread, utilising waste heat. This makes them very useful in commercial kitchens, as disposal of food waste is a major cost factor. Processing fuel, generally referred to as ‘bio char’, is simple, and becomes part of the working day – like ‘taking out the garbage’, only easier.

All our woodfired ovens are specifically designed to be virtually maintenance-free. Over the years, any parts which may fatigue can be easily and locally replaced, as the ovens are essentially made from steel and brick. These ovens are meant to be ‘low-tech’ and very robust.

The firebox design is also unique, and enables the oven to be run very efficiently, no matter what type of fuel (different timbers, or food waste) is used. Our own research shows that the cost of running the oven is significantly lower than comparable gas or electric ovens. Of course, local conditions will vary, but for example, we have successfully used sawmill offcuts in the ovens, as well as branches, treefall and seasoned timbers, all to good effect.

The Artisan Series of ovens require very little work while baking – they are very even, so once they are up to temperature, running them is easy and labour efficient.

Built to Order 

Each oven is built to order, and there will be opportunities to customise certain features. The Artisan Series of ovens have stainless steel where contact with flame occurs, making them very long lasting.

We have a basic design, enabling us to keep our prices competitive. We can also customise your oven. Talk to us about your product. We can usually find ways of designing the oven so that you can make the best possible product efficiently.


  • has 1.5 metres of deck space, split between four decks.
  • It has a centre flue, making it heat up very quickly
  • This oven is fast, and able to bake reasonable volumes of bread, pizza or pastries  in a short period of time
  • has ‘live steam’ to all four chambers, utilising a simple yet effective system we have developed specifically for these ovens.
  • The 1500 oven has the advantage of a small footprint, while maximising output
  • It is a ‘flat pack’ design, meaning that it can be installed where access is an issue
  • There is a relatively large firebox, so the 1500 heats up quickly

It is suitable for baking where output of around 25 medium sized loaves per hour is required.

Once your order has been placed, and any customisation has been drawn up, the oven will be built over the next 12 weeks.

We require 50% of the agreed price at the beginning of the build, and the balance before freighting. 

Freight is not included in the price.