The Basil has been designed to allow easy cooking and the maximum use of space in the oven. This oven will easily hold a small lamb, pig, goat or a mass of chickens, roasts and all of the accompaniments for a large get together.

The oven consists of a firebox and oven compartment, both of which may be used to cook in. So if you like that smokey flavour in your pizzas or meat then cook in the firebox with the coals, or open the smoke vents in the oven, and for scones or bread or to lessen the smokiness you can use the oven compartment with the smoke vents closed or partially closed.


  • The oven compartment measures 920mm wide by 330mm high by 465mm deep, this allows you to cook 6 to 8 large pizzas at a time in the oven.
  • The firebox compartment measures 1050mm wide by 250mm high by 465mm deep, this allows you to cook up to 3 large pizzas at a time in the firebox or several legs of lamb or chickens. You can also slow cook casseroles and bake bread.
  • The oven will reach temperatures of over 500 degrees celsius in the oven compartment and over 650 degrees celsius in the firebox. A heavy layer of refractory insulation helps to keep the heat in the oven where it should be and not let it escape to the atmosphere. With a small amount of wood you can hold the oven at over 350 degrees for a very long time.

To create added atmosphere and add warmth in winter you can cook with the firebox door open and sit in front of a beautiful open fire.

Price $5475AUD