Market Master Commercial Four or Two Door Baker’s Oven

The Market Master Series of woodfired ovens is designed specifically for commercial use. They are capable of baking continuously, with a firebox which is separate to the baking chambers.


The new 2020  model is very useful for commercial breadmaking, or large volume pizza baking. The oven is also excellent for baking pies, biscuits and cakes. It will roast meats, vegetables; and it can bake any other food an oven can produce.

Having Two individual decks enables you to open one deck at a time, allowing the other  deck to retain heat. This makes them ideal for baking multiple products simultaneously.

The firebox is fitted with a baffle above it, so that heat is distributed around the baking chambers more evenly. This also makes sole baking for breads and pizzas possible.

The crown height for each deck is 190 mm, making it suitable for taller breads such as tinned loaves. The extra deck height can also be useful for roasting meats, or baking cakes.

Typically, you can set 18 750 gram loaves on each deck. When the oven is loaded, the capacity is therefore 36 loaves at once. These ovens can bake a full load of breads in less than an hour, so in four hours you can have 144 loaves or more, depending on how hot you are running the oven, and what type of breads you are baking.

If you choose to bake pizzas, the volume this oven can bake continuously is staggering. Typically, each deck can set about 9 X 12 inch pizzas, meaning that it is possible to turn out up to 24 pizzas every 5 minutes!

Heatbup from cold is about an hour, according to the type of fuel you use. Well seasoned hardwoods are the best, though the ovens can operate very effectively on virtually anything that burns! They are efficient ovens, using minimal timber or other combustible materials. I have used other types of fuel as well, including food waste and even waste bread!


Designed specifically as a baker’s oven, the Market Master has an ingenious steam system that is simple and effective, providing live steam to any deck individually at any time it is required.

We have put considerable thought into making all our commercial ovens ‘bullet proof’ – they use no moving parts, and can be repaired with a power drill, hammer and / or a crowbar.

Our design mantra has been ‘third world simple’, as years of using high tech commercial bakery ovens has taught me that repairs can be cripplingly expensive. Parts which may eventually fatigue can be replaced easily, and can be cut from steel, locally.

These ovens are totally ‘off the grid’, so can be used anywhere. They are capable of a wide range of baking temperatures – from sub 200 degrees celsius, to well over 400 degrees celsius. These temperatures can be maintained easily, or varied as required, simply by supplying wood to the firebox or by restricting air inflow.


Oven hardware is made of stainless steel, including door hinges and firebox doors. This makes the oven hard wearing and attractive.

The ovens have two different configurations either two or four door  both with two decks.

Deck sizing is

2 square meters

2.5 square meters

3.0 square meters