The Vienna was created with the enthusiastic home baker in mind. This oven has a glass door so you can easily see all of the beautiful food you will be cooking and also has fully sealing doors which are a must for serious bread enthusiasts. Live steam for the especially keen breadmaker can be added for $300

The oven consists of a firebox and oven compartment, both of which may be used to cook in. So if you like that smokey flavour in your pizzas or meat then cook in the firebox with the coals, but if you want a clean slow cooked flavour, say for scones or bread then you can use the oven compartment. You may also like to place some hot coals in the oven compartment to add a little smokey more flavour.


  • The oven compartment measures 670mm wide by 350mm high by 465mm deep, this allows you to cook up to four large pizzas at a time in the oven or several legs of lamb or chickens as well as all the trimmings.
  • The firebox compartment measures 770mm wide by 175mm high by 465mm deep, this allows you to cook up to two large pizzas at a time in the firebox or several legs of lamb or chickens. You can also slow-cook casseroles and bake bread.
  • The oven will reach temperatures of over 500 degrees celsius in the oven compartment and over 650 degrees celsius in the firebox. A heavy layer of refractory insulation helps to keep the heat in the oven where it should be and not let it escape to the atmosphere. With a small amount of wood you can hold the oven at over 350 degrees for a very long time.

To create added atmosphere and add warmth in winter you can cook with the firebox door open and sit in front of a beautiful open fire.

The stand, flue and flue hat pictured are not included in the price but can be purchased as extras.