Tri Tip Rotisserie BBQ Pit

The Tri Tip is a serious catering or competition BBQ Pit. Designed to run on hardwood or charcoal this pit is extremely flexible. The shelves rotate allowing meat to be smoked slowly with either hardwood or charcoal. As a result, the meat cooks evenly without the need to flip or rotate meat by hand. Water can be used for moist heat if desired.

Not having to rotate the meat also allows more time for the commercial caterer to be working on other jobs.

The heat in this pit is regulated both by air flow and rotating plates within the smoker to shield meat from direct heat however if required for higher temp cooking these plates can be rotated to allow for grilling.

The shelves in this pit are 250mm wide by 1100mm long. Electrics are 240volts industrial standard. The overall dimensions of the Tri Tip are 1200mm Long plus 400mm for the motor 750mm deep by 1200mm tall.

The Tri Tip is made from 3mm, 5mm and 10mm plate throughout, is constructed fully in Australia.


Custom sizes Available Freight to eastern capital cities $250 Perth and Darwin $500